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"A Christmas classic in the making..." 
L. A. Times

"Exerts a special tug on the heartstrings..." 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Resurrects the reader's ability to believe in Santa Claus...
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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                                       A True Story About Santa Claus!

        Now an E-Book, this brand-new edition [2012] 'Reflections Of A Small Town Santa' retains all of the charm, warmth and personality of the original, while adding new revelations and an ending Bob Litak needed a dozen years to think about before he could bring himself to include it in this true story. 'Reflections Of A Small Town Santa' is funnier and more touching than before; you'll laugh, cry and find your very own answer to the age-old question, "Is There Really A Santa Claus?"  

     'Reflections Of A Small Town Santa' tickles the funny-bone, touches the heart, and renews your Christmas spirit. A Christmas 'must read' for anyone who's ever believed in Santa Claus, never believed in Santa Claus or always wanted to believe in Santa Claus! 

    Here's a well-told story of a Scrooge-like transformation, where the most unlikely candidate ever to wear the 'Red & White Suit' exchanges his lawyer's briefcase for a Santa's sack!  Watch as the making of a casual 'Christmas bargain', the understanding it would come to bestow and the emotional toll it would exact are woven into a timeless and endearing story certain to become a Christmas classic.

     'Reflections Of A Small Town Santa isn't just another Santa Claus story. It's a true Santa Claus story—because the characters, the setting, the events and most importantly, Santa Claus, are all real! 
       The 'Official Christmas Book' Of Cedarburg, WI